Sleeping Brotherhood Studios

Sleeping Brotherhood Studios

Digital Gear:
Protools HD recording system with complete editing and automation
Logic 7.0
16 channel in out Apogee 24-bit 48mhz digital to analog and analog to
digital conversion
Hui&Mac246; Virtual interface (Protools)

Analogue gear:
Studor vintage 1" 4 track
Manley 16 x 2 line mixer (analog console)
Grace & Manley pre amps 8 channels each
3 isolated room&Mac226;s 4x8, 14x11, & 10x12
Tube-Tech SMC 2a stereo multi-band compression
Neve EQ's

Monitors Snell, Audix, Gold Custom, Event
3 audio technical 4050&Mac226;s
1 Rode NT2
2 Shure SM81&Mac226;s
1 Shure Green bullet (harp mic) original
1 Neumann KM 184
1 Shure Beta 52
1 AKG c3000
1 AKG D112
3 AKG drum clip tom mic&Mac226;s


(guitar) Marshall jb-900
Fender Super Reverb
Fender vibroverb 2 10"
Mesa Boogie 400+(bass)
P.O.D (gtr + bass)


Cassettes, DAT, and CD&Mac226;s
Emagic Logic Sequencing and virtual instrumentation