Who's This?

Who's This?
Who's This what's that what's the name of the game is Who's this and that's the name of the song. Who's This got so much soul you can touch it, speakin to your ears like an indian elder touched with Saul Williams, Gil Scott, & Funkadelic.

This debut release turns the table on the pop hip hop what you come to expect, same shit new gangsta, different ride different shill, we're all waiting for a new thought that says this is differrent this is fresh but rooted in American history from the studio to the street Who's This is putting rhymers on notice that their words fall flat in the face of what's this Who's that and this is the name of the game.

Need more convincing?

take a listen for yourself

Dirty Bird
What it is
Where you at
She's crazy

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The Debut release Available now!