The Boogaloo Communicators

Heavy G & the Boogaloo Communicators are a band with a mission: To dust off and dress up the long-lost hits of organ jazz, a musical staple of black neighborhood clubs of the mid-1950s to the early ‘70s. Fronted by Guitarist Javier "Heavy G" Gonzalez and organist Jarad "Snuggs" Astin, the Boogaloo Communicators perform a mixture of original music and great organ-jazz tunes of the not-so-distant 60’s and 70’s. A tight unit of players diggin’ up an all but lost genre’s loved by many, this project has many local fans chomping at the bit, as they tear into the roots of the Boogaloo style with grit and soul. “We are paying homage to organ jazz,” says Gonzalez, “but we add our own twist to this rich jazz tradition.”
Gonzalez played with one of the greats, Big John Patton, for eight months in 1999, learning the ins and outs of organ jazz. Gonzalez later wrote his masters’ thesis in jazz history on the former Blue Note recording artist. Born in Argentina, he developed a love of music from his father, a renowned classical composer. Denver’s highly respected jazz DJ Rodney Franks puts it this way "And if after listening to this, you still don’t get it, perhaps you should put a mirror under your nose to check for life signs because this is living, breathing music"

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Rakin' & Scrapin'

"Carpe Diem"
Miss Persuasive
Sin Ti

"Makin' It Happen"